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Rolling with the Punches: Barberton Container Roll-Over Recovery

Heavy Lifting Brings Container Back on Track

In this business, no two days are the same. Recently, a fellow towing company reached out to us about a Barberton container roll-over recovery involving a 53-foot container that had rolled over. The container was loaded with 40,000 pounds of rubber shavings. This incident happened in Barberton, Ohio, near highways I-76, I-77, and Route 21. Within no time, three of our operators were on their way to lend a helping hand.

Barberton Container Roll-Over Recovery

All Rotated Out

Our team arrived equipped with a 50-ton rotator and an 80-ton rotator, essential for handling heavy-duty recoveries. The 50-ton and 80-ton rotators were ideal for the job due to their capability to lift and maneuver large, heavy containers safely. By coordinating their efforts, our team ensured a smooth process. Within 60 minutes, the container was back on its wheels, ready to move. The successful use of these rotators highlighted the importance of having the right equipment for challenging recovery operations.

Rapid Response to Barberton Container Roll-Over Recovery

Heavy Lifting 

One sunny day, we received a call to help with a Barberton container roll-over recovery. A 53-foot container loaded with 40,000 pounds of rubber shavings had rolled over. This incident occurred in Barberton, Ohio, near I-76, I-77, and Route 21. Our quick response was crucial to ensure the container was uprighted safely.

Skilled Operators and Heavy-Duty Rotators Deployed

For this Barberton container roll-over recovery, we dispatched a team of three experienced operators. We used one 50-ton rotator and one 80-ton rotator for the job. These rotators can handle heavy loads and provide the necessary power for lifting and maneuvering large containers.

Precise Coordination for Safe Container Uprighting

Upon arriving at the scene, our team positioned both rotators in sync to upright the loaded container. Given the weight and size of the container, precise coordination was essential. Our operators took extra precautions to ensure everything was secure and safe.

Lifting, Rotating, and Reconnecting the Trailer

Then, they used the 50-ton rotator and the 80-ton rotator to lift and rotate the container back onto its wheels. The process required careful maneuvering and constant communication between the operators. Once the container was upright, the next step was to re-hook a tractor to it. This allowed the container to continue its journey.

 Swift and Safe Recovery Operation

The entire Barberton container roll-over recovery operation took 60 minutes from start to finish. Despite the weight of the cargo, our operators completed the job safely. The container, loaded with 40,000 pounds of rubber shavings, was back on its wheels and ready to be moved.

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Johnny’s Auto & Heavy Duty Semi Truck Towing: We’ve Got It Covered

At Johnny’s Auto & Heavy Duty Semi Truck Towing, we’re all about handling tough recoveries quickly and safely. If you ever face a similar situation, count on us to get the job done right. Taking on challenging recoveries is our bread and butter. When you’re in a bind, trust our seasoned team and top-tier equipment to save the day. No matter how tough the job, this Barberton container roll-over recovery is just one example of challenges our team can handle.

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